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Last update: 12/10/2018

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How to claim TABOO?

Download an Ethereum Wallet that can store ERC-20 Tokens.

MetaMask as a Chrome/Opera extension
MIST Wallet
Or use MyEtherWallet.

In this tutorial we are using MetaMask.


Using other wallets can results and loosing your ETH. Do not use exchange wallets! Before buying TABOO make sure your wallets supports ERC-20 Tokens!

Create account on MetaMask (or other wallet with ERC-20 compatibility) and send some ETH on this wallet.

Choose amount of ETH you want to spent to buy TABOO.

Remember – now price is 0.0036ETH per 1 Token, but from 1 January 2019 it will be 0.004ETH per 1 Token.

Click on MetaMask icon on your browser and send choosen amount of ETH to address:


Press the button below tutorial to copy it.

ATTENTION! Before you send ETH make sure to increase GAS limit in this transaction to 200000 – otherwise you will get “Out ot gas” error. If you still get this error, increase limit again to 250000.

You can also reduce GAS price by “one zero” which will result in cheaper fee, but slower transaction.

Open MetaMask again (if you closed it) and click on menu icon.

Select “Add Token”. 

Change tab to “Custom Token” and paste the same address from Step Four to “Token Address”. Token symbol and Decimals of Precision will be automatically filled. 

Click on “Next”.

Click on “Add Tokens”.

CONGRATULATIONS! You are now an owner of TABOO Token!

If you want to use wallets other than MetaMask and you don't know how
to add token in it, feel free to ask on our e-mail address:

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