Taboo Token has been created to serve people as a descreet, safe and easy way to access premium porn, sexcams, sexphones etc. Since pornography is one of the biggest industry on the world, Taboo Project is a great opportunity for investors and cryptocurrency lovers.

Everyone knows that porn is great, people access porn sites all the time and enjoy the time spent on it. But not everyone can access it without a problem. In many countries porn has been labeled as illegal and accessibility to it is very hard. We want, no, sorry, we need to change it!

Taboo Project was formed by three great friends and our goal is to create big community around our cryptocurrency. We have big plans, our main goal is to make every taboo topic less taboo and more common to everyone! Remember – there is nothing to be ashamed of!

We follow the words of our authority:

"Homo sum, humani nihil a me alienum puto."
"I am human, and I think nothing human is alien to me."



Since sex-related sites are illegal and banned in many countries, people have to find ways to bypass the law. Taboo is our move to make it easier for that people. We want porn to be as same accesable in Europe, both Americas, Asia, Africa and Australia. 

Pornography was always part of our world. Goverments that takes away legal access to this content are breaking human rights. Sex was, is, and always will be basic human need and we know that. 

Our members have the same vision of Taboo Project future. We want to expand our reach, make some big social movement that will result in pornography for everyone, everywhere. We want to help our brothers and sisters from China, India, many islamic countries to access porn without fear.


You need to remember, that this will help not only people from countires that made porn illegal. With privacy provided by Taboo, you won’t have to worry about any disgrace, shame or anything. You know, that banks see where are you sending money, right? Imagine situation, where you wish to get a loan, and while sitting in bank and waiting for approveal from bank staff, they see your account and every transaction you did – some porn premium membership, some sexcams. In many countries this can be labeled as a something, that you should be ashamed of. it is hard to change culture of countries, that is rooted in people minds. But we can fight it in other way – simply hide it. They won’t see any porn-related stuff, only transactions that are recognized as investment. Isn’t this better?

But this is not all. As we said before, pornography is a gigantic industry and we want to connect it with Taboo. 

One of our future goal is to create our own porn-site and a porn studio with connection to our site. But to do this we need a strong and long lasting Taboo Society.



"I always knew i could make somehow world a better place. Taboo Project is my first big step to achieve this!”
“Hiro is my hero (gag intended) and i want to support him. Taboo is great opportunity to improve lifes of many people. It is not a normal cryptocurrency, it is a social movement.”
“Culture comes in weird ways, it may be art, it may be human behaviour or belief. Sex was always part of it and i’m proud of improving this one subject by acompaning Taboo Team!”


ERC-20 token is a technical standard used for smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain for implementing tokens.

Taboo Token Symbol: TABOO

Total Supply: 5.000.000TABOO

Price during Start Phase: 1TABOO = 0.0036ETH

Price during Normal Phase: 1TABOO = 0.004ETH

Sale will last: SEPTEMBER 2018 - 28 FEBRUARY 2019

Start Phase: SEPTEMBER 2018 - 31 DECEMBER 2018

Tokens available during sale: 2.500.000TABOO

Tokens distributed to partnerships: 2.200.000TABOO

Unsold tokens will be BURNED.



We wish to find your company here!

Feel free to write us in this metter:

We wish to find your company here!

Feel free to write us in this metter:
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